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The Art of Uplifting

Creating space to discover, expand and nourish your unique contributions through an uplifting community.


Intentional creative Growth

The TAOU Experience

Here, we believe in creating a nourishing space to fuel opportunities to grow, lead and uplift. We believe that being your best-self starts with having the right environment including a strong and loving community.  Our workshops and retreats will give you the space to restore, create and connect with fellow uplifters and give you a unique opportunity to expand your skills and celebrate your worth.  

We invite you to come inside in fear, in joy, in uncertainty and in celebration. 

Come inside and be welcomed as you are.


The Gift of Growth

& Gatherings

We believe that everyone is a creator. We have experienced that allowing space for uninhibited creativity provides an outlet for the subconscious to communicate its most authentic truths and to heal, giving permission for your best self to emerge and thrive. 

Whether we’re letting the paint fly all over a blank canvas, planting the seeds for new passions, or simply sharing meaningful conversation over a beautiful seasonal meal, all of our gatherings are created with the intent to share in a safe place to express yourselves and celebrate your gifts. We hope you will feel empowered and inspired to then go uplift those around you. 


Create rituals


connect with NATURE


breathe deeply


nourish your mind and body


let it flow


even Better together

Collaborate & Thrive

We couldn’t be more honored to host and collaborate with some of the most inspiring and uplifting creatives on the West Coast. One of our favorite aspects of TAOU is getting to celebrate other female entrepreneurs and their products and if you think we can support you we would love to hear from you!

Click the link below to apply for one of our upcoming events. Tell us about who you are and what you hope to offer to the community. Whether you’re a poet, a florist, life coach, ceramicist, photographer or beyond, we’re always looking to create magic together.




Bay Area and Beyond


While our offices and studios are located in Sebastopol, CA, we will be hosting workshops, retreats and gatherings all over California with plans to take our retreats out-of-state next year. We also love having opportunities to bring beautiful and meaningful events to you. Reach out if you think we can help make your next gathering extra special!

The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.
— Ben Okri
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